A Blank Slate with Purpose

In 1992, Jackie bought Randy a book on brewing.  It wasn’t Charlie Papazian, but it was interesting, and it led to some stove-top experimentation.  Trials, errors, and enthusiastic study yielded better and better results.  Curiosity became a hobby. 

More than twenty-five years and hundreds of brew days have passed since then.  Jackie became an expert critic and developed her own love for flavorful brews.  When Ryan left for college, he built his own brewing rig and began to create too.

Today, Tabula Rasa Brewing is a family-owned company.  We believe that craft beers are works of art.  A great beer is a flavor experience and is best enjoyed with family and friends.  We’re building our brewery and tap room with that in mind. 

We’re excited about the growing craft beer culture in North America and the world.  It's a blank slate for great beer!

 Jackie Peterson  Owner/Retail Operations

Jackie Peterson

Owner/Retail Operations

 Ryan Peterson  Owner/Brewer

Ryan Peterson


 Randy Peterson  Owner/Brewer

Randy Peterson